Daily Schedule


6:30 a.m.

Charger Child Care Opens: Greet families, help children put away their personal belongings. Parents help children wash their hands. Talk to your child's teacher about your child's night.


Breakfast is served.


Toddler Teacher Arrive: Toddlers are taken to their classroom to play while they wait for other friends to arrive.


Snack Time: Children wash their hands and prepare for snack.

Circle Time: Songs, discussion of the weekly theme, group games, dances, stories, puppets, show and share.

Small Motor: Table toys, puzzles, blocks, and science center.

Art: Crafts associated with the weekly theme -- painting, drawing, and natural creativity.

Large Motor: Outside playground, group games, dancing, tumbling, and climbing.

Dramatic Play/Science Center: Puppet shows, house keeping, dress up, career boxes, garden boxes, and experiments.


Prepare for lunch. Wash hands, set tables, read stories while we wait.


Nap Time: Soft music plays. Children rest on cozy cots with their favorite blanket from home. Teachers rub backs to comfort the children.


Wake Up: Children wake up at their own pace. They may look at books or find a quiet toy to play with until snack is ready.


Snack Time: Children wash their hands and prepare for snack.


Free Play at Interest Centers: Dramatic play, art, small motor area, book area, large motor area.


Clean Up Classroom: Prepare to go outside (weather permitting) or play group games, and circle time activities.


Table toys, book area, quiet activities until it’s time to go home.


Charger Child Care Closes

 Charger Child Care
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